Inputting Teacher's details

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In this dialog you can do these things:

1. and 3. Limit number of windows in timetable for the teacher and The teacher cannot have 3 windows in one day. See: Windows (gaps) in teachers timetables

2. Limit number of days during which teacher can teach. See: We have teacher who teaches only 2 days per week and it doesn't matter which

4. Maximum number of transits between the buildings per day.
See: Transfers between buildings

5. Set min./max. number of lessons per day. See: How to specify min and max lesson teacher shall have on one day?

6.Limit number of consecutive lessons. The number specifies the maximum number of lessons the teacher can teach in a row without a break. See: Our teachers cannot teach more than 6 lessons consecutively

7. Max. on the question marked. See: How to specify a teacher can teach only one 7th lesson

- if you do not specify data in points 1 and 6, the global values, set in Timetable - Parameters will be applied.
- you can use "Set for all" button to copy selected setting to other teachers.