Teacher - creating a payment plan via the Registration module - even for students from other courses

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If a teacher leads an activity for students from different classes - classes the teacher does not generally teach (i.e. the teacher does not have a course created for these students) - they have an option to create and manage a payment plan with payments directed to a school account. No administrator intervention is needed.
The teacher creates a new action in the "Registration" module.

All participants, who register for the action (e.g. a skiing trip, football course) in the "Registration" module can be assigned a payment plan for a cash or cashless money transfer. The system automatically assigns the payment plan to the registered students and updates the list.

Creating an action or course in the "Registration" module:
Registration to field trips, seminars, courses and other activities
Case 3 - Registration for interest groups

Creating a payment plan for an already created action or course:

Select "Registration" in the "Communication" section in the left menu. Then select the "Manage actions" option.

Select the relevant action, click on the three dots and select the "Payment plans" option.

The system switches to the Payments module. There are three options for creating a payment plan in the "Payment plans" section:

  • extra payment plan for every target - create as many individual payment plans as there are targets in the action. Use if you have one or two targets. If there are many targets in the action, selecting this option could cause confusion in the payment plans overview.
  • one payment plan with modification for every target - select this option if the action has several targets and a student can register for one target only. The fee can be different for each target, the registered students will be assigned a fee according to the target they selected.
  • one payment plan with fee for every target - select this option if the action has several targets and a student can register for several of the targets. The student pays only one fee, even if they have selected several targets.

    More information about Creating a payment plan and about Modifications of payment plans.

    Example: Skiing trip
    Registration for a skiing course with three different targets - cross country, downhill skiing and snowboarding. The price for downhill skiing and snowboarding is identical: 120€. Students registered for cross country skiing pay 90€.

    The administrator has 3 options for creating the payment plan:
    a) creating individual payment plan for every target - Skiing course - downhill skiing, Skiing course - snowboarding, Skiing course - cross country skiing

    b) one payment plan for the "Skiing course" action with three modifications for different targets (recommended - see the pictures). Each student can select only one target. That means each student will have only one modification with the right fee.

    c) one payment plan for the "Skiing course" action, but students can select more than one target. Each student can have several modifications of the payment plan.

    Choose the best option for you - here is the example of second option:

    Change the maturity according your preferences and type the amount for each modification.

    If another participant registers for the skiing trip, the administrator simply updates the users list according to the up to date registered participants. In the Payment plans select "Overwrite the payment plan according to actual action's results".

    Now you can see the updated payment plan:

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