Preparing teaching plans for the coming school year

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If you need to prepare teaching plans for the coming school year before the end of the current one, you can create your courses for the coming school year:

You will be notified by the system that the administrator has not switched to the following school year yet. It is important to keep in mind that after switching the school year by the administrator, the 6.A class generally becomes class 7.A.

The students do not see the course for the coming school year. The course displays after the administrator switches to the following school year.

If you already know that you are going to teach 5th grade math, but you are not sure about the class, select any of the 5th grade classes. You can change the class in the course settings later. How to change course settings?

Attention: Courses attended by a whole class will be linked to the courses in timetables after switching to the following school year. Attention should be paid to courses attended by only a part of a class. First, check the list of students attending this course, then link the course to the timetables course. Only the relevant students will appear in your course list of students.
Divided lesson does not display correctly in the class register

Teaching plans don't have to be created afresh. When creating a course you can copy a teaching plan that is already in your EduPage (e.g. teaching plan from the current school year course). How to copy a teaching plan from previous school year?
If the copied plan includes preparations, they are copied with the plan.