Interactive lesson

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Interactive lesson - video

EduPage interactive lessons enable the teacher to captivate the students attention and engage them in the topic. The teacher has an overview of students' grasp of the topic.

The teacher can play any EduPage presentation or question on an interactive blackboard or projector. Just click this button.

The student immediately receives a notification in the EduPage mobile application. The student can connect to the presentation with one click on the green mesage.

The teacher is presenting and the students follow the presentation on interactive blackboard or a projector.

As soon as a question appears, the students can answer it via the mobile application.

The teacher can see the students' answers immediately. The students are more concentrated and the lesson is mere engaging. The teacher receives feedback and sees wether the students understand the topic. If the students understand, the presentation can move on.

After the lesson the teacher finds the students answers in the Results/Blackboard tab. The teacher can optionally award the students extra grades for their activity. Results are linked with the Grade book.

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