Two teachers teach a subject divided into groups in one class. What about the plan?

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If two teachers have a class divided into two groups, foreign languages for example,
we advise each teacher to create a separate course with a separate plan.

Otherwise the teachers will mutually rewrite the lessons taught in the plan. The students displayed in the grade book and class register will not display correctly neither. The assigned homework and notifications will be sent to all students.

If the two teachers follow the same teaching plan, they can copy it.
How to copy a teaching plan from previous school year?

Note: If a course has been created (in an incorrect way) with two teachers and you wish to change it, we advise this action:

The first teacher removes the second teacher from the course. The first teacher selects students for his group and links this group with the group's title in the Timetable.

The second teacher creates a new course, copies the plan of the first teacher and selects the students for his group. The second teacher then links his student's group with the group's title in the Timetable.

Divided and joined classes