Creating new materials

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In EduPage Plans and preparations environment, we distinguish two types of preparations:

  • Material
  • Card

    Material means a test, homework, presentation, or project.
    The card is one test question or one presentation's slide. What is a card?

    Tests consist of individual test questions, cards. Individual cards can not be assigned to the students, teacher must first put them in the test, homework, or presentation.

    How to create a new material:
    Test: How to create new test from prepared questions cards?
    Test: How to create new test ?
    Homework: How to create new homework
    Presentation: How to create new presentation
    Report: How to announce new exam to students
    Project: How to create new project assignation

    How to create a new question:
    ABCD question card
    "Type in" question card
    "Sorting" question card
    "Blind map" question card
    "Categories" question card
    "Connected pairs" question card
    "Open question" card
    "Select correct tile" type of question

    How to enter mathematical symbols in questions?