Why do I see students' incomplete/partial answers while they are working on assignment?

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While working on an assignment (test, homework or presentation) students can temporarily save their work by clicking on the 'Save' button before they submit it.
=Student - How to save an assignment while completing your work

In case of the 'For Online exam' assignment, the EduPage's autosave period is 2 minutes. The teacher can see the students' answers stated as 'Preliminary' on the 'Results' page in the 'Answers by Students' section.
Note: In case of the 'Randomize order of questions and answers' option the student's answers are not dispalyed in order.

The feature of seeing 'Preliminary answers' can be useful especially 'For practise' assignments. It helps to get feedback on what answer needs to be more talked over, or which student lags behind and needs individual couching/explanation,...The teacher can also help them during their work.
In case of 'For online exam' assignment the teacher see how the student goes on with the test. In this case, its function is informative.
To view the current data the teacher needs to refresh the page (F5 button on the keyboard).

When the student finishes the test by clicking on the 'Submit' button or the alloted time expires, the teacher can see the students' answers stated as 'Submitted' or 'Evaluated' in case of evaluation of material set up and all the correct answers predefined.

If the alloted time expires (e.g. the time when students can complete the assignment is 8am - 8.50am and it is 9am already) and the teacher still sees answers stated as 'Preliminary', it means the student did not finish the assigned test by clicking on the 'Submitted' button or it was not open at the time of the end of the test. E.g. this can happen when the student closes/leaves the browser with the test opened in it without submitting the test. It is up to the teacher whether they consider the answers as final. In this case the teacher changes the state of the student's test to 'Submitted' manually.

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