The difference between a test assigned 'For practice' and 'For online exam'

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When assigning a test to students, you can choose between two options:

  • Test 'For Practice':
    Number of attempts is not restricted.
    After finishing the test students see whether their answers were correct or incorrect, in case of wrong answer, the correct answer is shown.
    This way students can practise for their exam.
    Teacher see number of attempts, score and answers of each attempt.
    How to review students answers and results

  • Test 'For online exam':
    This option allows only one attempt to take the test.
    The teacher can allot duration and time for the test.
    How to restrict time, test duration or number of attempts?
    Once the test is opened, countdown timer starts on the top of the screen. In this case, when a time limit is set for the test, the timer continues to run even if the student leaves the test. After the allotted time expires, the student is not able to return back to the test.

    The teacher can see when students started and submitted the test on the 'Results' page, in the 'Grades' section.
    The autosave of students answers is set to every 2 minutes, therefore the teacher can see the information about the time of the last saved answers.

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