A simple way to create a different test for each student and eliminate cheating in online tests

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Teachers can easily create different test variants for students in EduPage.

1. Create several modifications to a question and group them together.
How to create a modification to a question (copy of a question in the same group)
How to group similar questions or modifications of a question

2. Tick several of these groups and click on the "Add to material" button.

Select the "Test" option.

With every group of questions state the number of questions to be selected for the test. By default the system selects one question. You can set the number of points for a question in this group. Press the "Done" button.

Assign the test to students for online testing.

Each student receives a test with different questions in a different order. If you set a time limit to the test, the Einstein of the class will not be able to find solutions to the multiple question variations of every friend who generally rely on him.


  • If a group of questions has been selected for a test and then later you decide to add more questions into the group in the preparations it will not impact the test created earlier. If a question For example if one question is selected from a group of 5 questions and later you add 3 more questions to the group, there will still be only the 5 former questions in the test to choose from.

    Advantages of tests generated from question groups:

  • If a student runs the test several times, the questions will be different each time.
  • That means the students can run a test repeatedly (if the teacher enabled it in the settings) and they can learn more and get better feedback on their grasp of the topic. This is the main target of EduPage.
  • As every teacher has to evaluate the students work in some way even during distance learning, this instrument enables better justice in testing.

    Further instructions:
    Group of questions