How to create new test ?

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Select the topic of your teaching plan you're preparing the test for (this step is important so that the newly created test has been properly attached to your plan).

Press "+" in the right bottom corner and select "Test".

To add prepared question cards to the test, click "Search more cards".

Where can you search for suitable question cards?

  • In the EduPage library(Standard). There are materials created by other teachers and shared according to standards.
  • In your preparations to the current course (Class plan).
  • In the list of all your materials - to all of your courses (My library).

    When you find the suitable question, select it and press "Add to Material".

    On the top bar you can see that a question has been added to the prepared test (material). This card has a green border.

    You do not have to add questions to the test individually, you can select more question cards and add them one at a time.

    If you want to create new question cards , select the "Create new cards" button.

    Select the type of card that suits you. To create additional test questions, repeat this step.

    ABCD question card
    "Type in" question card
    "Sorting" question card
    "Blind map" question card
    "Categories" question card
    "Connected pairs" question card
    "Open question" card
    How to enter mathematical symbols in questions?

    If you have the test done, you can mix the order of questions or answers (in ABCD questions) to create multiple test variants.

    You can see online preview or print preview of the test.

    Use the "Assign" to announce students the date of exam. Or you can let the students to do the test online.

    What information can you see on Assign tab?

  • green: categorization of the material - to preparations, standards or study topics
    What is the role of standards in EduPage?
    What are "Study topics"?
  • violet: announce the date of exam to students
  • blue: assign the test to another class
  • orange: allow to play online - students can see this test and they can do it online
  • brown: set up automatic evaluation of the test

    If you do not want to assign the test to the students now, select "Do not create an assignation yet".

    When finished, press Done.