How can I get to Timetables online administration

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At first you need to login to your edupage as an admin or a teacher with user's rights to Timetables administration.
How to login to EduPage as administrator?

Then, there are couple of options how you can open an administration, and you can choose the one, which suits you most in your actual situation.

1. Wizard
If this is your first time, we strongly recommend you to use our Wizard, which will guide you through the basic setup. You will find all necessary settings in one place.

2. Use direct link from the main window.
This is convenient, if you wish to get to administration of timetables directly.

3. You can use main menu "Timetables online".
This can be used, if you are already on some other page and you need to get into Timetables quickly.

4. Use "Start" button in upper left corner
Similar as previous, but with more options.

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