Administration of substitutions in the mobile application - Overview.

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Now you can easily manage your daily substitutions directly from your mobile application.

1. Because it is not possible to login into the mobile application as an EduPage administrator, your admin will have to give you user's rights for administration of the substitutions. It is easy, just check this link.
How to set teachers right for Adminsitration of substitution

2. Then you will see a new icon “Substitution Administration” after you log into EduPage mobile application:
How can I get to Substitution in the mobile app

3. You will be able to:
How to add missing teachers/classes/classrooms in mobile app
How to specify substitution in mobile app
How to add new lessons in substitution online in mobile app

4. Of course, once the changes are done, you can publish them:
How to publish dayily substitution in mobile app

Publishing from the mobile app works the same way as publishing from the web version.


- It is not possible to print or export substitutions summaries. You will need to login to the web version of EduPage to do this.
- if your school is using a PC version of the Substitutions, the mobile app will not work, obviously – you will need to switch to Substitutions online first.
How to access online substitution