How to create different overviews and export them to excel

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Export to excel:

In the "Users' payments overview" section of the "Payments" module (1.) you can create different overviews for select users via filters (2.) and export the table into excel (3.).

How to activate different filters:

  • filters over the table

    a) payment plans - you can select all of them, a single one or several payment plans together

    b) time period - you can set your own time period. However, bear in mind that there is a realtion to the maturity date of the filtered payment plan
    - a payment plan's maturity date is the 25th day of the previous month. For example: to display fees for november, please remember to set the dates "from" but also "to" to the date 25.10. It is recommended to establish overpayments for a specific payment plan to current date.

    c) munber of rows per page - can be set according to your needs
    - we recommend small number of rows while setting the filters as the displayed numbers are recalculated (which is much easier done for 10 rows than 500 rows)
    - to export the filtered data to excel, dispaly the maximum number of rows per page, to fit all the data into the exporrt file (all data should be displayed on 1/1 page)

    Tip: It is recommended to establish overpayments for inividual payment plans separately and with the maturity date in mind. A school can have multiple payment plans and if checking several payment plans together, an apparent overpayment might only be an advance payment for a payment plan with maturity date after the selected time period.

  • Filters and icons in the head row of the table

    d) funnel - the icon next to the title of the column enables filtering data in that column (e.g. mane of the student, class, credit from 0,01 ...)

    e) question mark - the icon next to the title of the column displays information about the exact meaning of the column's data

    f) title of the column - click the title in the head of the table and the rows will be ordered according to that column. Click again and the rows will be ordered in reverse.

    g) X - any column can be hidden - remember to check and disable filter in this column before hiding it

    Different overviews:

    The table can be adjusted. You can arrange the data by students, by classes or by payment plans.

    How to disable filters:

    (1.) disable all filters for all columns or for all rows

    (2.) click individual columns via the icon over the table (select the columns to be dispalyed)

    (3.) disable the filter for a specific column and press enter

    How to change the order of the columns:

    The icon over the table for dispalying columns (2.), change the order of the columns. Simply drag the field with the name of the column and move it to its new position.

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