Case 3 - Registration for interest groups

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Select "Communication/Registration" in the left menu.

New action can be created by the teacher or administrator. Press the red + sign.

Input the title of the action, in this case the second term courses, the from/to time open for registration and a note. Keep the state "In preparation" mode. Select the potential participants allowed to register for the action. In this case it is all the classes.

In this example a parent's confirmation is required. The vote will only be validated only after the parent confirmation.

Individual courses with specified date and time of operation are the "targets".
Gradually add all courses via the „+ add empty target". A minimum and/or a maximum number of students per target can be limited. Select teachers who will be permitted to see the registration results.

The Rules help to define the fact that each participant can register for maximum of two events:

Save the data after inputting them.

The registration has not been published yet. To publish the registration, return to the upper part of the registration and change the status to "Published" and press Save.

From now on, the action is public. Students are notified about a new registration action via notification on the web page or in the mobile application. Parents are notified too.

The teacher or the administrator can see the up-to-date state of the registration process.

You can choose a view according to
- the participants (a list of participants and their votes),
- targets (an overview of the number of participants registered for the particular targets),
- or a large bivariate table of the targets and the participants.

According to targets:

A big overview table:

The list can be exported to Excel and printed.