How to transfer uncategorized materials in your plan to a specific topic

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Select your course and click on Plans and Preparations. The cards that have been categorized to individual topics will display when you click on a specific topic in the plan.

The cards that have been categorized to the course, but not to a specific topic will display when you click on the "Uncategorized cards" button.

You can transfer them to a specific topic in the plan by drag&drop. Grab the card and drag it to the relevant topic. This topic will change its background color to blue.

Why are there uncategorized cards?
When a specific course is selected (for example 8.B Geography is displayes in the top menu) and you create a new material in the "My library" section for example, the material will be automatically associated with the selected course. You will find it in the course's plan in the "Uncategorized cards" section.

We recommend selecting a relevant topic in the plan before starting to create a new teaching material. The material will be categorized to that topic and no further action is necessary.

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