Plans and preparations in EduPage - OVERVIEW

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When you create a new course at the beginning of the year, create a teaching plan in EduPage also. You do not need to enter curriculum in class register at a start of a lesson. You simply choose the next topic from the plan.

What is a course? How to create it?
How to create new plan
How to use teaching plan in class register

Add preparations - notes, presentations, pictures, tests, test questions to the teaching plan.

How to create new presentation
How to create new test ?
How to create new test from prepared questions cards?
How to create new question card
How to attach file to my preparations

When you select the curriculum from the plan, you can see how many preparations you have in the plan and you can use them right away.

How to access preparations in class register

Your preparations can also be seen by the students if you allow it. When they come home from school, in EduPage they will see a report about the taught lesson. Clicking on this message they can see all the materials (presentations, control questions) you have made visible to them.

How do students access the study materials for the topic?

In EduPage there are many other materials that other teachers have created. The sharing of materials in EduPage is based on teaching standards.
For each created material, there can be attached the teaching standard.

For example - if you have material on the topic "Decimal numbers", it's too broad category. Does it refer to adding decimals, multiplication, rounding or something else? If I label the material with a teaching standard, "show positive and negative decimal numbers on a numerical axis", it is much more clearer what the material is about.

What is the role of standards in EduPage?
How do I get to the materials that other teachers have prepared for the standard

If you want, you can share the materials, you have prepared, with other teachers.

How can I share my material in the school library?

If you want to see materials from other teachers in your teaching plan, make one more step in creating your plan - assign individual teaching standards to your plan's topics. Standards also "bring" all the materials that are linked to them.

How to assign standards to teaching plan

This small step will bring great benefits for you and your students.

Your students will very easily gain access to self-study materials or preparations for an exam.

What are "Study topics"?

You can see the results of students according to individual teaching standards. It will help you to find out what your students know and what is still causing them problems. You can better focus your attention on the problematic parts of the curriculum on the lesson.

How to show results of students by individual standards

EduPage will also help you with correcting tests and homework. If students do a homework or test online on a computer or mobile device, EduPage automatically evaluates their answers. You can see the results and one-click to enter the grades in the Gradebook.

EduPage also offers a system for correcting printed tests. In some cases, it will make it easier for you to correct tests and also it provides you interesting statistics.

How to evaluate printed tests?

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