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Question groups enable the teacher to prevent cheating as each student receives "a little bit different test". For example: all students have the same type of math problem to solve, but with different numbers. Group of questions

When generating tests, the system randomly selects one question from a question group to be included in the test.

This useful EduPage feature can be applied even for printed tests, i.e. the students will receive a paper copy of the test and answer the questions in writing.

Prepare a test with question groups included in the test: A simple way to create a different test for each student and eliminate cheating in online tests
In the "Print" tab select the number of versions to be printed:

Assign the test "For print only". A new assignment with the name of the test will be automatically created in the Results section.

If you wish to notify the students about the upcoming test, click "Create an exam event to notify others about this exam" and input its date and time.

As the test is different for each student, evaluating could be time-consuming for the teachers. However EduPage has a useful tool for evaluating printed tests even if the tests were generated from group questions.

If the test has multiple versions, a "Variant" column can be found in the Results/Answers tab.

Click and select the student's test version. The system will order the questions in the same order as they appeared in the student's test.

Fill in the fields with the student's answers. The system will automatically evaluate them. Save changes.

For some specific types of questions it might be more convenient to fill in the answers in the "Answers by students" tab. Type in the student's answer into the indicated box in the yellow field. How to evaluate printed tests?

Note. When filling in the answers it might be helpful to include answer sheet in the header of the test for the students to record their answers.

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