Parents/students: How to sign new grades?

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Only the parent from the parental account can sign the grades, the student can only view the grades. How to log in to EduPage as parent with one or several children

After logging to EduPage click on grades.

Overview of grades shows up. New grades are highlighted in yellow. Go with the mouse cursor on any of them and the date of grade will show.

By click-opening, exact overview pops out with information on what were the grades given for. If there is a comment, just go on it with the cursor and it will display. You will sign the grades by clicking on the icon "sign" and the yellow color dissappears. The teacher knows whether the grade was signed by parent or by student.

Similarly can be new grades signed via mobile application. You can access new grades through messages or grades. You will sign them by clicking on the red pen, or on the icon "sign".