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Students receive the EduPage login data from a class teacher usually at the beginning of the school year.

These are the student's login data to school account. The student's login name for the school account is usually SurnameName and password is the character string generated by the system.

The student enters the EduPage into the browser, in this case greenlearn.edupage.org and logs in with this login.

The student can also log in to EduPage via mobile application:
Mobile application EduPage
Student - How to log in to EduPage mobile application

If you want to change your EduPage password, we do not recommend changing it on your school account. Should the new password be forgotten, school administrator must be contacted to change the password.

We recommend creating a personal account where your login will be your email address. The advantage of creating one is that if the student forgets the password, the EduPage will send a password reset link to the email.
How to create a Personal EduPage account