Analyze the timetable by Extended tests


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If it is possible to test your timetable but the full generation still fails, this feature might help you pinpoint smaller part of your timetable that is still not possible to generate.

You can run it via menu TimeTable - Analyze - Extended tests:

A dialog appears that shows the progress of the extended tests. For example on this picture, the software first tried to generate a timetable without any constraints except for time-offs for classes. This generation was successful. See Nr.1:

Then the software added time-off of teachers. This was not successful. So the software tried to remove classes one by one, to find the smaller part of the timetable that still cannot be generated considering only time-offs for teachers and classes.

After a few generations it found out that it is not possible to generate just two classes. See Nr.2

So now you know where the problem lies. You can even use button "Show me". This will start "Draft" generation only on the problematic subset and with only the constraints involved. After generation it will show you the last card that was not possible to place so that you can try to place it and find what could be the problem.

- this extended test can take a very long time on some timetables. So run it only when you have time. When you come back, the software may find something useful. Or may not.
- this is test, so it is still possible that if you generate a reported part several times or on higher complexity, you may find out that it actually is possible to generate it. In this case you can have a look at list of individual tests what else the test has found. See Nr.3 on the above picture
- the time-offs of classes are always included, because in general these are non negotiable so it doesn't help much when the software says it is possible to generate your timetable with Friday 7th period, when your school is closed already. But this also means that if you have some time-offs that are theoretically possibly, try to remove them.