What's new in Online substitutions

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Administration in the mobile app
Now you can administer your daily subsitution direcly in mobile app. All you need is user's rights to admininstration of Substitution given by administrator and login to edupage app. Basic functions are already fully functional and you can even publish your substitution from the app.

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New substitution window

Now you can set more substituting teachers, set more classrooms, and if there are more missing teachers on same lessons, you can set everything from one window. You will even see actual timetables of class, selected substituting teacher, new classroom in lower part of this new window.

Specifying substitutions

There is missing teacher and classroom on same lesson

Now you can set both substitution in same window.

Missing teacher and classroom on same lesson

More substituting teachers/more classrooms

Now you can add more substituting teachers and classrooms to lesson, which needs to be substituted.

More substituting teachers, more classrooms

Substitution collisions

See, how you can solve colisions in substitutions.

Substitution collisions

Generate the substitutions for one day

Using Tools - Generate you can assign all substitutions for the selected day at once

Generate the substitutions for one day

How to edit existing lesson, when there is nobody missing

You can change it in "Tools - Change other lesson".

How to change the lesson in selected day if nobody is missing?

Creating new lesson

If you need, you can create new lesson in substitution.

How can I create new lesson in Substitutions

Cancelling the lesson

You can cancel lessons, which should be substituted with simple right click.

How can I cancel the lesson

Instructions to substituting teacher via Mobile application

Missing teacher can send substitution teacher instrution for substituted lessons.

Instructions to substituting teacher via application

Lessons with 2 teachers - how to cancel it for just one teacher

If there are more teachers on the lesson, you can distinguish between cancelling entire lesson and cancelling it just for missing teacher.

Lessons with 2 teachers - how to cancel it for just one teacher.

What is shown in the top right corner?

In top right corner you can see a lot of useful information - follow colors and see our article.

What is shown in the top right corner?


You can create groups of teachers, who can substitute proffessionaly by creating approbations.



By using one button you can see now all notifications send by edupage to all persons (teachers and students) affected by changing in their timetables.

Send notifications about substitutions

Remark for one day

If there are some special information for particular day, you can notify students with dayily substitution.

Creating a remark for one day

Remark for each substitution

Do you need to share some specific informaition for substituted lessons? No problem, simply add remark to substitution.

Creating a remark for each substitution.

Long time absences

In case of long time absence of your colleague, from now you don't need to create substitution for each lesson separately, but you can display all lessons and set substitutions for more days in one window and with only few clicks. It is very useful, if you wish to assign all lessons from missing teacher to only one teacher.

Long time absence

Teacher's absence on supervisions

In case your teacher is absent only for part of the day, but he is able to do his/her supervisions duty during breaks, you can now separate absence on breaks from absence on periods.

Teacher's absence on supervisions

Copy duties and time-offs

No need to add duties and time-off in teachers schedule everytime you publish new timetable. You can simply copy them with from source timetable.

Copy duties

Move lessons.
Now you can easily move missing teacher's lessons. Simply choose possition where you wish to move it and program will do everyghing for you.

Move the lesson

Swap lessons.
With only few clicks you can swap two lessons.

Swap the lesons

Replace lessons.
No need to cancel and move other lessons. Program will do everything for you. Simply choose leeson.

Replace the lesson