How to input a timetable during distance education

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We recommend recording the "Distance education" event in the class registers of the classes that are distance educated. EduPage will still allow you to input topics taught and students`attendance, but at the same time the system will remember that the students are physically at home.

How to input a timetable for the given time period
If the class goes on with the former timetable, no additional adjustments have to be done.

If the timetable has changed:

Option 1 (recommended):
Generate and publish a new timetable for the time period of distance education of the class/classes. If the end date is not yet known, enter any date. The validity date of the temporary timetable can be changed at any time. After its validity ends, the former timetable will become valid again.

Option 2:
Delete the timetable of the respective class and publish a timetable with no lessons for the respective class. Subsequently, the teachers will have to input their lessons into the class register manually, according to the actual situation.

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